"Don't drink and drive" promotion: "Typo-Crash"

A typographic banner


Every ninth traffic fatality is caused by drunk driving. Most of the accidents are caused by teenaged drivers while under the influence of alcohol. Many of them lead to serious injuries. Or death. The Malteser Hilfsdienst Frankfurt wanted us to find a way to make a strong and striking appeal to these youngsters, increase preventative behaviour and direct users to the issue discussed on www.malteser.de.


We chose the most direct way to appeal and developed the following banner: on online platforms that are promoting nightlife, public parties and music events we confronted the youngsters with the physical risks of drinking and driving - in the typographic language of their favourite drinks.


The clickrates on www.malteser.de during the promotion were 16% higher than in the previous months. We don't know how many decided not to drive home after drinking. But if it was only one person, it was worthwhile.

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